We should maintain that if an interpretation of any word in any religion leads to disharmony and does not positively further the welfare of the many, then such an interpretation is to be regarded as wrong; that is, against the will of God, or as the working of Satan or Mara.

Buddhadasa Bikkhu, a Thai Buddhist Monk

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Short Breath Angels

Insight meditation is all about paying attention to one's breathing as it slows down into a quiet rhythmic pattern.  Breathing grows quieter and breaths grow longer—until thoughts arise that are troubling to the meditator, at which point the breaths go short and fast for a  bit until they even out again.  Insight meditations encourages one to focus on those short breaths because it is there often that the things that unbalance us are found.

It is also there that we sometimes discover our angels, the ones through whom the Spirit speaks to us.  These angels are individuals we don't like and make us uncomfortable or angry or unhappy or troubled in some way.  In learning to deal with these angels, the Spirit is shaping us, teaching us deeper spiritual lessons about patience, kindly tolerance, or compassion.  Short-breath angels are important to the spiritual journey from chaos to peace, which we are all on personally and collectively.  Amen.