We should maintain that if an interpretation of any word in any religion leads to disharmony and does not positively further the welfare of the many, then such an interpretation is to be regarded as wrong; that is, against the will of God, or as the working of Satan or Mara.

Buddhadasa Bikkhu, a Thai Buddhist Monk

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Standing by the Well

O God as you have made mountains and valleys in the earth so have you made them in me.
For moments when I stand on a peak and am filled with wonder, I am thankful.
For uplifted moments when I walk the quiet mountain path in light, I am thankful.
For moments when I feel you near and sense the print of joy upon me, I am thankful.
But every day is not a mountaintop and every moment is not filled with joy.
When I walk in shadows, show me the way.
When I trip on my bumpy inner self, uphold me.
When I run and miss the beauty of the valley, forgive.
When I stop trying for fear of falling, pace me.
During these days when I cannot run and tell or walk without being weary
help me stand by the well with my cup.

From: Jeanette Struchen,
Prayers to Pray Without Really Trying (1969)