We should maintain that if an interpretation of any word in any religion leads to disharmony and does not positively further the welfare of the many, then such an interpretation is to be regarded as wrong; that is, against the will of God, or as the working of Satan or Mara.

Buddhadasa Bikkhu, a Thai Buddhist Monk

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

General Assembly Summary

The 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA), meeting in Pittsburgh, has been adjourned after a long week of debate over contentious issues as well as carrying out the regular business of the biennial General Assembly.  Those who might be interested can find summaries of the G.A. at The G.A. Junkie website (here).  If you want a quick summary, go to the G.A. Junkie's one page wrap up (here).  The 221stg General Assembly will meet in 2014 in Detroit.